Eyeguard System Co.,Ltd. which was founded in 2000 as AS Optical Seoul Office has qualified its products by government offices, banks and other institutes after adapting market situations changed and investing products development such as privacy filter, LCD/LED monitor protection filter.

Nowadays, The fear for to be leaked of personal information has been increased rapidly. This is the reason why people are more interested in their own privacy security. Eyeguard System Co.,Ltd. has focused on personal information security by launching privacy filter called   

We will be trying our best to deliver proven quality products to the world beyond
domestic market in order to step on the world best optical film company.

Company Information

Company NameFoundedCEO
FEBRUARY 16, 2001
Mr. Seung Hoon, Lee
Sales Turmover
6.7 billion won150 million won
Major Production Items
Secret View Privacy Film, LCD Monitor Filter, Notebook Filter, Smart Phone Film, Privacy Protection Filter,
Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare Film AR·AG·HARD Coationg Filter ect


Company History

2016Established own factory and transfer of research institution (Mario Tower, Guro-gu, Guro-dong)
Electronic device supply contract with NH (PC, card reader, printer and etc.)
Licensed for information and communication construction business
Acquired the business information equipment maintenance of the KDB
Industry-university cooperation agreement (Osan University)
Certified as an excellent company in technology evaluation by NICE Information Service
2015Patent registration (Blue light shielding coating composition & transparent monitor filter) and excellent invention selection
Established export specialized company, SVG Co,. Ltd. - exporting our products to USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands and etc.
2014Technology innovative SME(INNO-BIZ) selection
ISO9001;2008 Certification (Certification Authority: International Certification Registrar Ltd)
Acquired KITA K+ Certification
Company affiliated research institution certification
2013Established research institution attached to Eyeguard System
Supplied 8” & 9” filter for medical device monitor to Hungarian company, Jabil
Developed & manufactured Secret View information security film and new product of Glass information protection film
Patent registration (Glass substrate bonding method using glass lift)
2012Moved company site (Moved HQ from Mapo-gu Sinsu-dong to current address)
Basic installation of Atech procurement monitor EPF (Information Protection Filter)
Developed Blue Light AR Film(Anti-eye fatigue film), and exported to Japan
Germany Wincor-Nixdorf (German financial automation equipment manufacturer)
Participated in EPF Supply IT New Technology Exhibition and exhibited EYEWANT+TM
2011Supplied medical monitor EYEWANT TM to Thailand Benchmark Electronics ltd
Manufactured and supplied built-in speaker for Samsung Electronics PC. Manufactured Financial(Banking) keyboard.

2010EPF for ATM machine supply contract with LG NSYS
EPF for ATM machine supply to Korean Computer
Established ShinHyup IQS (Intelligent queuing system) trial store
2009Supplied EPF(Information protection filter) for pari-mutuel ticketing to the Korean Horse Affairs Association
Established Busan Bank IQS (Intelligent queuing system) trial store
EPF(Information protection filter) model registration at Public Procurement Service
Supplied EPF to the National Tax Service, NH Central Association and etc.
Exported EYEWANT TM to Dutch company THOMSON
2008Shinhan Bank IQS (Intelligent queuing system) installation construction
Supplied EYEWANT TM to Kortek medical monitor
Supplied EYEWANT TM to TV LOGIC broadcasting monitor
Manufactured & supplied Financial keyboard to NH Central Association.
2007Supplied EYEWANT TM to GE medical monitor
2006Supplied EPF security equipment to KBS, Hyundai Group and many other public institutions & corporations.
2005Released OEM of EPF(Eyeguard Privacy Filter) security equipment
Released EYEWANT TM + (Hanger mounting Type)
2004PC installation site contract with Sambo Computer
2003Released EYEWANT II which is patented for electromagnetic wave absorbing function
Supplied EYEWANT TM to Philips medical monitor
2002Seoul office of AS Optics merged with ISKEY Co., Ltd. And changed company name to Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.
Laptop OA partner contract with Toshiba Korea
Opened Eyeguard Mall shopping mall
Released safety protector for EYEWANT TM LCD monitor
EYEWANT TM utility model and design registration
Exportation contract with U.S ADVAN (Supplied EYEWANT TM to medical monitor)
2001Established ISKEY Corporation
Exported safety protector for laptop to Taiwan UNIBRIGHT Co., Ltd.
2000Established Seoul office of AS Optics.