Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.’s Technology Research Institute is in charge of researching and developing optical materials such as information security filters, and functional films. We are also doing our best to realize the best technology through R&D linkage and cooperation of our personnel with external experts and production technology test institute.

Core Competitiveness

We secured superior technology competitiveness than other companies with our anti-reflecting coating technology that requires advanced optical technology from basic material development and transparent blue light blocking agent as well as antimicrobial treatment.

Secured multi-layer evaporation technology with surface reflection of 0.5% or less and transmittance of 98% or more as well as optical technology to absorb and reflect light at various wavelengths utilizing the latest optical evaporation equipment.

Through the technology using nanosilica particles with a certain diameter to control specific wavelength’s absorption and reflection, it is possible to block eye-damaging blue light without color change. (patented)

With superior optical bonding technology that can bond up to 50’’ or more, secured technology and price competitiveness against other firms that have relatively small size bonding technology (less than 10’’). (patented)

Acquisition of technology that applies multi-layer lamination technology to films with various functions and mass production facility.

High-speed dispersion of titanium oxide and silicon oxide in solvent and coating with nano thickness to secure dipping technology and optical coating facility to laminate 3 to 5 layers. (Participated in technology development project of SME Administration, patented)

Major Research Achievements

2017Developed large-area optical bonding technology and its mass production technology.
2017Developed and mass produced safety protector type information protection filter.
2016Developed wet anti-reflection film technology and acquired its mass production facility.
2015Secured sheet laminating technology and its mass production facility
2012Developed glass laminating technology. (patented)
2011Developed and mass produced removable information security case for mobile
2010Developed and mass produced slim-type information security film
2009Developed and mass produced information protection film for ATM
2008Developed and mass produced monitor filter for eyesight protection
2007Developed and mass produced information protection shielding filter
2006Developed and mass produced UV protection and visible light transmittance enhancement coating film
2005Developed medical monitor filter and developed/mass produced optical coating technology

Patent and Intellectual Property Rights

Patent No. 10-1577266
Blue light shielding coating composition and transparent monitor filter using the same
Patent No. 10-1261468
Glass substrate bonding method using glass lift
Trademark Registration No. 0571633
EYEWANT Trademark
Certificate of Design Registration
Eye protection for LCD monitor
Certificate of Utility Model Registration
Development of glass laminating technology (patented)
Design Registration
Information protection mobile phone case
20101 other patent application and 1 utility model registration