Solution Division

Solution Division

Solution Division is a business unit that provides optimal solutions according to the requirements of corporate customers and doing our best to accurately understand customer’s business characteristics to provide maximum effect with reasonable cost.

The Role of Solution Division

As a direct sales agent of Samsung Electronics, Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.’s Solution Division is supplying and maintaining computerized equipment to NH’s major affiliates and various financial institutions. 

Solution Division provides products to all areas that require IT related systems including public and financial institutions, and also provide integrated maintenance services. 

We have partnerships with major domestic and overseas vendors and have a business system to provide all the products & services that customers want at the right time.

Coating Division

Coating Division

Coating Division of Eyeguard System Co., Ltd., is acknowledged worldwide by our contract with outstanding companies and  will continue our best effort to lead the domestic and overseas market through steady development in the future.

Main Products of Coating Division

Main products of Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.’s Coating Division are AR Coated medical & broadcasting monitor, casino game machine, special protector, ultrasonic equipment, AG Coated outdoor advertisement PDP, smart phone, electronic whiteboard, navigation and etc.

Coating Structure

Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.’s coating products are produced through executing multi-coating on high optical PMMA materials based on the high technology of multi-layer Anti-Reflection coating which increases the conductivity of light while reducing the surface reflection to exceed the specific wavelength range.

AR Coating Transmittance

AR Coating, the coating technology of Eyeguard System Co., Ltd, shows higher transmittance compared to the transmittance before coating.

Coating Specification

AR Coating Structure
Both side AR coating. Both side NANO  Anti-Pollution coating.
Average Reflectance
Less than 0.7% (450 ~650nm) : Average figure
Average Transmittance
98~97% (maximum at 545nm of the wavelength)
(The average transmittance in the range of 450 ~ 650nm should be 98-1%)
 AR Coating Color
 Between Red Violet via Blue Violet

Coating Process

In order to produce high quality coating products based on the technology of Eyeguard System Co., Ltd., we strictly manage each process and guarantee the best quality through continuous technology development.

Film Division

Film Division

Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.’s Film Division directly manufactures products based on the best technology and production facilities in Korea. Also, we are recognized with high quality and continuously supplying products to various corporations, public institutions, general companies and manufacturers.

Main Products of Film Division

We are producing sight/health-protective functional films such as mobile, LED monitor use and vision protector that based on BLC (Blue light cut) Privacy Film.

Privacy Film Structure Introduction by Type

Privacy film products are manufactured by attaching several functional filters together. 

The structure of the filter is different depending on the product type, 

and each film is made of the best film.

SM Division

SM Division

Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.’s SM Division is in charge of providing stable operation of computer equipment and integrated maintenance service to customer companies.

Operation Service

It is a service that entrusts the operation and management of the entire IT business of the client company. 

It re-configures the IT infrastructure and the work process centralized on business and supports the establishment and operation of a management system which manages all IT-related areas. 

In addition, we operate a help desk to run a more rapid and stable system and periodically surveys customer satisfaction to always provide the most optimal service.

Maintenance Service

We provide integrated maintenance management to improve the availability of customer’s IT resources to customer’s computing and security infrastructure, and to create a single contact point for users and IT support department. 

Also, we are thoroughly performing maintenance on network failure and security and provide the service that can keep OA and computer equipment in optimal condition at all the times.

Overseas Division

Overseas Division

Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.’s Overseas Division produces products based on the best domestic technologies and facilities, establishes mid- to long-term overseas business, and excavates new business.

Main Products of Overseas Division

Eyeguard System’s Overseas Division is continuously expanding its influence over European and American markets by supplying functional products such as AR(Anti-Reflection) optical filter for medical and broadcasting monitors based on optical coating technology and products based on BLC (Blue light cut) privacy film.

Particularly, we are participating in various overseas exhibitions and strives to open overseas market for our own brand “Secret View”.

Online Division

Online Division

Eyeguard System Co., Ltd.’s Online Division always thinks in terms of customers and promises to provide high quality products to customers through various online distribution networks with more professional and attentive service with accumulated know-how.

Secret View Official Brand Website Introduction

Secret View, a high quality privacy product made by Eyeguard System Co., Ltd., will visit you from official brand website with various sights and ample events.

Various Online Shopping Mall Distribution Network

We sell high quality privacy brand Secret View in open market, general mall, social commerce and specialized shopping mall where more convenience and various benefits exist.

Communication with customers

We are communicating with customers through various online marketing channels to promote high quality privacy Secret View and striving hard to collect various opinions through communication with customers to show better products.

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