Information Protection Film

Secret View Information Protection Film

Notebook & LCD Monitor
Privacy information protection film that secures precious personal information

Personal Information Leakage Prevention Function

Secret View information protection Film secures your personal information from sights of others in public places. It prevents personal information or sensitive security information leakage from laptop or monitor in office or public place and protects your valuable personal information when you use bank ATM and convenient store’s cash dispenser where risk of exposure exists.

It provides clear sight on the front, but only a black screen is visible at 30 degrees left and right due to the fine blind on the film screen. No one can see your personal information passing the half-side.

Blue Light Shielding Function

Secret View Information Protect Film blocks blue light from computer monitor or laptop monitor screen and protects you from dry eye, eye fatigue, insomnia, stiff shoulders and etc. You can maintain comfortable eyes despite of long time computer use.

Blue Light’s effects on our body

Sleep disorder

Eye fatigue

Waist and shoulder pain

Dry eye

Clean and Hygienic Screen Anti-bacterial Function

Secret View information protection film has excellent anti-bacterial effect of 99.9% and allows you to use your screen much cleaner even for longer use time.

Product Specification

Information Protection Function

Secret View Filter adjusts the angle of view to block the eyes from 30° left and right, preventing personal information exposure.

Vision Protection

Anti-glare coating on the filter surface prevents glare on the display surface and protects your vision.

Scratch Protection

4H (Hard Coating) prevents surface scratches on the LCD surface even when used for a long time.

Freely Attachable

It can be used selectively only when the user desires by adopting a mounting method as well as a fixed type and a step mounting type.

Blue Light Shielding Function

It can block the blue light coming out from the computer monitor or laptop monitor liquid crystal, so you can keep your eyes comfortable despite a long time computer use.

Anti-bacterial Function of Hygienic Screen

It has excellent anti-bacterial effect of 99.9% and helps you to maintain screen cleaner even for a longer use time.

Product Application Fields

Secret View information protection film can be applied at various places where information protection is needed such as mobile phone, computer monitor, laptop, ATM, CD cash dispenser, flat TV, projection TV, CCTV, KIOSK (self-help system), vehicle glass, interior partition, glass window and etc.

When using computer & laptop


Public place

When doing business

Bank · Public institution


Cash dispenser · ATM

PC room · Multi-room and etc.